Affiliation: Federation
Specialist: Attack

Bullock commands an Attack fleet for the Federation.


Captain Bullock was commanding officer of the first Galaxy-class starship, the USS Galaxy (NCC-70637), commissioned in 2359. Bullock had lead numerous campaigns to fend off Cardassian attacks during the Federation-Cardassian boarder conflict during 2360.

After Space Station Andoria-1 was destroyed, it was revealed that the new Xindi-Reptilian ruled empire had destroyed it. Bullock was dispatched along with the experimental USS Intrepid NX-74600 to investigate the Azati Prime, a system which had not been explored for nearly 200 years.

When arriving at Azati Prime, the coordinates where Azati Prime was located indicated that the planet had been destroyed some time ago. Bullock's fleet traveled deeper into the system and found Xindi-Primate and Arboreal refugees. They were taken aboard and revealed that a Xindi-Reptilian named Dorgo who arrived a year ago was viewed by many as the second coming of the Guardians. A new extremist faith was created by Dorgo and he decided to destroy anyone who did not want to join in on the conquest to destroy Earth in order to preserve the Xindi race.